About Me


It all started when...

Leaving the UK and climbing aboard my first cruise ship and taking the opportunity to run all over the Caribbean taking images with my first serious camera Nikon N8008 using first kodak 25 and 50 and then discovering Fuji velvia 50. It lasted until I elected to leave the cruise industry for the first time after only two years after picking up a camera and moving to Australia i put aside my passion for photography. 


About the time the shutterbug magazine started writing about the new digital photographic revolution I side stepped it.


Clare Henry 2016


I have decided to take up the camera again after quite a long time with an added incentive to use a studio courtesy of a very good friend. To this end I have rediscovered my love of dance and the performing arts and landscape photography.

Natural Arch

Natural Arch

Studio portraiture and of course

The excitement and beauty that is wedding photography

With the explicit  permission of  Mr and Mrs Sharpe  @ Glengariff  Historic Estate 2016